Comic 90 - Epilogue Page 2

Posted on 22nd May 2016, 10:52 AM in The Eye of the Underworld
Epilogue Page 2
Black. Ioannes is snoring.
Ioannes: Zzzzz....
Ioannes wakes up with a bad hangover, his heart pounding.
Ioannes: Good Ghods! What did I DRINK last night? I can't remember a thing...
Ioannes finds something on his pillow.
Ioannes: ?
Ioannes picks it up. It's a nightgown.
Ioannes: ?
Ioannes sits on his bed, under his giant planetarium, motherfuckers, A GIANT PLANETARIUM, contemplating the nightgown.
Ioannes: ?
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ReinderDijkhuis 22nd May 2016, 10:52 AM edit delete
The END! Next: Alcydia by Geir and Daniel.