Comic 98 - Sea travel

Posted on 8th Mar 2017, 1:38 PM in Alcydia
Sea travel
The ship gets bounced around in a bad storm. A really bad storm.
Caption: As our fearless adventurers enter arctic waters, icy storms toss them about.

Fieffelfalsfaffel's men show off their sea legs as parts of the ship's inventory fly around them.
Caption: But true seamen are not deterred by such conditions.

Fieffelfalsfaffels'men get splashed by a large wave.

Fieffelfalsfaffel himself is hanging over the railing, vomiting. Krakatoa, dressed in an oil coat, is calmly eating a sandwich.
Krakatoa: According to the W.H.Y*, Iceland is the world's oldest democracy.
FIeffelfalsfaffel: Uuurk, demon-crazy?

Krakatoa: Democracy. It means they enjoy popular rule.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: R-really?

Fieffelfalsfaffel flees below decks.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Crazy demons enjoying mob rule! Horror of horrors!

*W.H.Y.: Witches' Handbook, Youngsters' Edition.
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