Comic 97 - Come for the cheese platter, stay for the sexual harrassment.

Posted on 7th Mar 2017, 1:18 PM in Alcydia
Come for the cheese platter, stay for the sexual harrassment.
In the captain's quarters. Fieffelfalsfaffel and Krakatoa are sat at a table with a large cheese platter and wine laid out for them. Fieffelfalsfaffel peruses the Queen's letter.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Have a drink while I- AHA! The Queen assigns me a secret mission!

Fieffelfalsfaffel pounds the table.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: A Duchess in distress! And I am the Queen's chosen champion, her favoured knight!

Fieffelfalsfaffel paces the room while Krakatoa reads.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: The Duke will provide me with an elite force, the Knights of Clwyd-Rhan!
Krakatoa: Says here "A bunch of knaves from Clwyd-Rhan".
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Nonsense! You're misreading the Queen's archaic handwriting, young lady!
Krakatoa: Er, well, it's time I left...

Krakatoa has fetched her broom and is ready to leave.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Now, now, listen, as ambassador to Iceland, I'll be in need of a mist- er, a mission secretary. The perfect opening for a young career woman! Would you consider assuming this position?
Krakatoa: Gee! Cool!

Fieffelfalsfaffel cheerfully slaps Krakatoa on the butt.
Fieffelfalsfaffel: Deal! There's a shortage of bunks on board, but I'll be happy to share! Wink, wink, eh?

With unexpected strength, Krakatoa tosses Fieffelfalsfaffel on the floor.

Fieffelfalsfaffel spends the night in the crow's nest.
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