Comic 95 - Message from abroad - at the worst possible time

Posted on 5th Mar 2017, 12:53 PM in Alcydia
Message from abroad - at the worst possible time
At the quay, the Queen and her advisors watch Fieffelfalsfaffel's ship depart.
Caption: Even the Witch Queen is present for an emotional farewell.
Queen Elspeth: Good riddance!

In the distance, a bird-like speck can be seen in the sky.
Advisor 1: Pure genius, your Majesty. On Iceland, not even Fieffelfalsfaffel can get into any more scandals!
Advisor 2: Look out!

A broomstick crashlands on the pier, carrying a young woman.

The young woman, still dazed from her landing, proffers a scroll to the Queen.
Krakatoa: A message, your majesty!
Queen Elspeth: BY BEELZEBUB! My cousin, Duchess Gu∂rún, has been abducted! The Duke is demanding a royal inquisition!

Advisor 1: But wasn't the Duchess visiting her ancestral home in Iceland.
Elspeth: Just so! We'll instruct our ambassador there to look into the matter.

The Queen hands Krakatoa a new scroll to carry.
Elspeth: Take this royal missive to the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel!
Krakatoa: Without delay, your Majesty!

Krakatoa gets ready to launch herself on her broomstick.
Elspeth: And do fly...

Krakatoa zooms upwards in a seemingly uncontrolled movement.
Elspeth: ....cafefully!
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