Comic 93 - BRAIN TRANSFER. She said it.

Posted on 3rd Mar 2017, 10:21 PM in Alcydia
BRAIN TRANSFER. She said it.
Alcydia leads Gu∂rún into a room that will serve as teh operating theater. Wolfmen are going about their business, which is nonsensical as ever.
Alcydia: You and I will have a brain transfer!

A small man turns up at the top of a stairway, followed by a monstrous creature.
Alcydia: I've hired the services of the famous Dr. Frankenstein. His deliciously gruesome art will allow me to return to the Undercity in your body!

The small man shambles right past Alcydia.
Alcydia: Herr Frankenstein?
Monster: Here, Maám. We have an experiment gemacht.

Gu∂rún: THE doctor Frankenstein?
Monster: Nein. Younk Fictor ist schtill centuries away....

The small man, behind Gu∂rún's back, raises a large hammer into the air.
Gu∂rún: How can you take part in such a monstrous scheme?
Monster: Isn't that obfious?

The hammer has hit its target and Gu∂rún is properly sedated.
Monster: Der patient ist aschleep.
Alcydia: Excellent! Prepare for surgery!

Wolfmen bring in two beds as a crow watches over them.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 3rd Mar 2017, 10:21 PM edit delete
Yes, in this comic, Frankenstein IS the monster.