Comic 87 - About those carpets

Posted on 19th May 2016, 11:54 AM in The Eye of the Underworld
About those carpets
On the Roc, Ioannes and Jara put some distance between themselves and the bandits.
Jara: About those carpets...some of those were definitely magical, and I'm sure...
Ioannes: Yes, yes... At this speed, we'll be home soon! But I can't just show up without the Eye of the Underworld!
Jara pulls out a large jewel from under her robes.
Jara: You mean this?
Ioannes: The Eye! But didn't your father take it?
Jara: I did train as a thief, remember? Uh ... I also picked up some stuff to help us by in the bandit's camp... But how shall I fare in your strange Northern land?
Ioannes: Don't worry! I've got an idea!
It gets cold an the Roc becomes covered in ice.
Jara: This is the north? Take me back to the bandits!
Ioannes: Relax! We're already over Europe!
Jara: You can tell by the lay of the land?
Four witches woosh by on their broomsticks.
Ioannes: No, by the increased air traffic!
They approach the Witch Queen's palace.
Ioannes: There it is.
Jara: Just as well. The Roc just froze to death.
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