Comic 84 - Oasis

Posted on 16th May 2016, 11:40 AM in The Eye of the Underworld
An oasis seen from some distance. Ghastly sounds emanate from it.
The ghastly sounds are Ioannes singing while cleaning himself with a bar of soap.
Ioannes: An' it seems to me, you've lived your life, like a falalala wind...
till the raaaaiiinnnn set i-
Ioannes is splashed with a bucket of water.
Ioannes: Now what was that good for?
Jara: Self-defense! Besides, You needed to get the roquefort out of your hair. Now, give me a hand. You know, while I was planning my escape, I never thought about what I'd do if I succeeded. Freedom and independence were the ends. The final goal. But now that I've got it... And... and, you know, I-
Voice from off-panel: Maybe we can help you with your problem?
Jara and Ioannes are surrounded by big ugly men.
Jara/Ioannes: BANDITS!
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