Comic 83 - A bit cheesy

Posted on 15th May 2016, 12:24 PM in The Eye of the Underworld
A bit cheesy
The Cheese Golem chases slaves and guards alike out of the mine.
Ioannes and Jara amble out of the mine as well.
Jara: You know, most people here would simply rub a lamp. It looks as if our way is clear.
Ioannes: Of course! I have applied my alchemical talents!
Jara: Uhm.. hopefully, we won't meet anyone until I can do something about my ... uh... appearance!
Ioannes: Yes, you do look a bit cheesy.
Jara stares daggers at Ioannes. They walk on.
Jara: Heh. "Cheesy". Heh.
They look at one another again, a little more kindly this time. They burst out laughing. A vulture looks on in disgust.

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