Comic 81 - The cheese mines!

Posted on 13th May 2016, 11:07 AM in The Eye of the Underworld
The cheese mines!
Ioannes and Jara are in the cheese mines, mining cheese. They, like all the other convicts, are wearing only a loin cloth and are under the watchful eyes of guards with whips.
Caption: The cheese mines! More remote than the fabled honeywell, more inhospitable than the dreaded mustard bog, fouler-smelling than the vegemite river...
Ioannes: Why would you tell him a thing like that?
Jara: Don't be angry! It was all I could think of!
Ioannes: And to think I could have been warm and dry!
Jara: Sheikh Zofat is obese and thirtysomething and collects comic books!
Ioannes: So what? I'm fifty-ish, starving and collecting whip-welts thanks to your childish pickiness!
Jara: Look, I'm really sorry I did this to you...
Ioannes: Ungrateful, cheeky little...
Jara: Can you ever forgive me?
A guard walks in bearing food.
Guard: Dinner, everyone!
Ioannes: Stale bread and water, I'll bet!
Jara: Worse! Milk and cheesecake! I'll starve to death on this diet!
Ioannes: So ask if they've got chocolate milk!
Guard: Dessert, anyone?
Ioannes: Lemme guess. Cheese platter, right?
Guard: Yup! I particularly recommend the roquefort!
Jara: Ack!
Ioannes: Roquefort?
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