Comic 8 - I shall imprint a map in your brain

Posted on 8th Oct 2015, 10:39 AM in The Double
I shall imprint a map in your brain
Ioannis: Well? Where's the girl?
Ghost: I shall imprint a map into your brain, oh generous Sir.
Ioannis: Over my dead body! And not even then! Can't you use him?
Ghost: Not enough capacity...
Ioannis: Then lead the way! I demand value for money!
Ghost: Impossible! The girl has been taken to the Undercity! The Witch Queen's magic blocks all evil spirits from entering!
Ioannis: Elspeth? If the Witch Queen is involved, I'm out!
Ghost: Not the Queen. Another powerful witch is involved.
Ioannis: I don't know...
The Ghost points at Ioannis' homunculus.
Ghost: Pff. You risk nothing worse than death... wait, what is that thing?
Ioannis: A failed experiment. A homunculus, dumb as goat cheese.
Ghost: Hmmm... here lies, perhaps, the answer to our problem... He will lead the way to the woman you are seeking.
The ghost vanishes.
Ioannis: Him? Hey, wait! Come back here!
The homunculus starts walking. Tapper finally wakes up properly.
Tapper: Er... did something happen? Did I hear voices?
Ioannis: Well, my superb alchemical skills have brought up important clues. Let's go!

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