Comic 79 - Caliph Iznobezzer

Posted on 11th May 2016, 11:46 AM in The Eye of the Underworld
Caliph Iznobezzer
In a corridor in the palace, people are forming a long line.
Caption: Morning in the caliphate... supplicants wait for the Caliph... to grant rewards... settle disputes...
Two large guards drag Ioannes and Jara past the line of people.
Jara: He'll be in a vile mood at this hour!
Ioannes: What, do you know him?
The guards push Jara and Ioannes into the Caliph's hall.
Jara: Indeed I do!
Ioannes and Jara stand before the Caliph, a large, angry man on a giant pillow.
Jara: Father, I will not marry that fat slob, Sheikh Zofat! I'll run away again!
Ioannes: Glp. Fa. Ther. Oh dear.
Iznobezzer: I grow weary of your tantrums, child! And as for your frankly bizarre choice of company...
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