Comic 70 - A powerful amulet, and an all-expenses paid trip to the nearest pub

Posted on 2nd May 2016, 11:00 AM in The Eye of the Underworld
A powerful amulet, and an all-expenses paid trip to the nearest pub
An advisor, a bearded man in a tall hat, speaks up.
Advisor: Your Majesty! As long as the Caliph possesses the powerful amulet, the Eye of the Underworld, our sorcerers are powerless against him!
Elspeth: Very well. We shall dispatch a secret agent to avail ourselves of this amulet.
Advisor2: But your Majesty! The Caliph's stronghold is impenetrable!
The Queen waves her hand to bid her guards.
Elspeth: This man has served us well before. Bring him in!
Two burly guards drag in Ioannes von Kildenbusch, the alchemist. He is a skinny man in his fifties in a wizard's robe.
Elspeth: The renowned alchemist, Ioannes von Kildenbusch!
Ioannes: I object! I am a pacifist! I have a bad back!
Elspeth: Loyal subject! You shall infiltrate the Caliph's summer palace and bring back the magic jewel, the Eye of the Underworld!
The Queen hands him a large bag of coins.
Elspeth: Of course, your expenses will be well covered by the Royal treasury!
Ioannes: When do I leave?
The Queen returns to the order of the day, while Ioannes walks off clutching the bag.
Elspeth: Now, concerning recent upheavals in Clwyd-Rhan...
Advisor3: But, your Majesty...
Elspeth: Quiet!
Ioannes, carrying the bag, ambles off to the nearest pub, and several others, getting drunker and drunker.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 2nd May 2016, 11:00 AM edit delete
Ioannes quickly became a favorite character for me to draw, and write, whenever Geir wasn't watching.