Comic 68 - ThousandWHAT?

Posted on 7th Dec 2015, 3:00 PM in Thousandstab
Alcydia offers the box to a delivery man.
Alcydia: Express delivery for the Queen.

Caption: Later...
A knock on the door.
Tapper: Someone's at the door.
Alcydia: At last! A messenger from the Palace, sending for the new Queen!
One of Fieffelfalsfaffel's men shows up at the door holding a package.
Delivery man: Express delivery to countess Alcydia, from the Palace!
Alcydia: At last! At last!
Alcydia hastily, greedily unwraps the package.
Alcydia: Ah.... it must be the crown and scepter! Huh? ... a hairbrush?
Tapper: And a letter! It's from the Queen! "Dear countess Alcydia! Thank you for returning the nail clipper I lost in Xixuvar some time ago. In appreciation, I send you the other part of the matched set, the hairbrush...
The hairbrush begins to move, slapping Alcydia on the buttocks repeatedly.
Tapper: ... Thousandslap!"
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