Comic 66 - Beëlzebub puts his sales skills to good use

Posted on 5th Dec 2015, 3:48 PM in Staff Cutbacks
Beëlzebub puts his sales skills to good use
Devil: May I interest you in this year's model, the Maid-shredder GLX 2.0 with afterburner and optional detachable butler-adapter?
Alcydia: I like it! The royal blue velvet upholstery is of course standard? I'll take two if you throw in a DVD player and spoilers!
Devil: Anything for my esteemed customers, Ma'am! Our standard contract, Ma'am!
Alcydia: "Immortal soul... eternal damnation... the usual, I see.
Alcydia turns to her maids who are lining up to be shredded.
Alcydia: There's been a regrettable delay. Report back for shredding next Friday.
Alcydia cuts open her finger so she can sign the purchase contract in her own blood.
Alcydia: Where do I -ouch- sign?
Devil: Here, here and here.
Wolfman: But, oh terrible mistress, is it wise to have dealings with that company?
Alcydia: Of course! Once I've become Witch Queen instead of the Witch Queen, my next goal is... to become the new Nikita in stead of the old Nick!
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