Comic 65 - Delays, delays!

Posted on 4th Dec 2015, 4:37 PM in Staff Cutbacks
Delays, delays!
As her wolfmen try to repair her maid-shredder, Alcydia waits impatiently.
Alcydia: Hnf! Delays, delays!
Wolfman 1: Oh fearsome Mistress, the Maid-shredder is beyond repair!
Alcydia: The staff cutbacks are overdue!I'll call the shop.
The Devil answers the phone.
Devil: Bubba Beëlzebub mechanics? An '81 model maid-shredder GT 18?An antique! We no longer support it!
Alcydia: *Unintelligible swearing through telephone*
The Devil materializes in Alcydia's hobby room.
Alcydia: About time!
Devil: Ha! That Slacker-hacker must not have been oiled in generations! And look at that Cheeky-tweaky!
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 4th Dec 2015, 4:37 PM edit delete
I'm not sure if this is actually the third story that was made, or the fourth. In any case, it's short and silly.