Comic 61 - The Nickswhiskersnipper

Posted on 30th Nov 2015, 3:14 PM in Christmas at Blocksberg
The Nickswhiskersnipper
Alcydia: Just you wait! I'll have my revenge! That reminds me! Time to introduce my guests to the Nickswhiskersnipper! Bwa ha ha! I'm overcome by Christmas cheer! "You'd better watch out!"
The three Santas are help prisoner in a room, with their heads in a pillory and their beards tied up with string.
St. Nicolas: Alcydia! Let us out of here!
Santa Claus: Bad girl! Bad!
Finnish Santa: *Unintelligible swearing*
St. Nicolas: It's Christmas Eve! Millions of innocent children are waiting for their presents!
Santa Claus: So free us or the poor little ones will cry in their beds!
Finnish Santa: *Unintelligible swearing*
St. Nicolas: What, by the way, is this ridiculous contraption?
Alcydia unveils a giant pair of scissors.
Alcydia: Ladies and gentlemen, the NICKSWHISKERSNIPPER!
St. Nicolas: Oh no!
Santa Claus: Not the beards! Noon!
Finnish Santa: *Unintelligible swearing*
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