Comic 60 - Mr. Fjøsnissen

Posted on 29th Nov 2015, 3:47 PM in Christmas at Blocksberg
Mr. Fjøsnissen
Alcydia: ...and while we were discussing Voltaire over a cup of hip bud tea, I was brutally knocked down from behind, and when I awoke, he had disappeared and... BAAWL!
Elspeth: This is serious! We're out of Santas!
Satan: And tonight is Christmas Eve!
Elspeth: WAIT! There's a certain mr. Fjøsnissen from Norway who allegedly carries out Santa's duties locally! This is our last hope! Let's pray nothing befalls him.
Alcydia: Oh, I'll do my UTMOST!
Later, in the Queen's study.
SFX: Knock Knock
Elspeth: That must be Mr. Fjøsnissen.
Satan: Fjøs... doesn't that mean "barn"?
Mr. Fjøsnissen enters.
Fjøsnissen: Arr! Evenin'! Are yer the one needs a helpin' hand in th'barn?
Alcydia: Oh, do let me take care of you, Mr. Fjøsnissen! Haylofts fascinate me too!
Fjøsnissen: Arr! Stable the horse and rub'er down then, lassie! That dairy-maid's a tad on the fresh side, aint she? Y'oughter have a chat wi' 'er mum!
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