Comic 6 - Come, come, there's much to be done

Posted on 6th Oct 2015, 12:46 PM in The Double
Come, come, there's much to be done
Alcydia leads Prudi by the hand.
Alcydia: Come, come! There's much to be done! Let me explain! Relax and enjoy, my dear. Fate is smiling at you! Your assistance is needed and will be richly rewarded!
Prudi: For what?
Aldydia: Behold, girl. The gods, in their infinite perversity, have given the two of us the same face - a countess and a common maid! We'll make good use of the fact...
Prudi: We?
Alcydia: You are to impersonate me at court while I am... otherwise engaged. If my absence goes unnoticed, you'll be rewarded beyond the limits of your puny imagination! But if my secret is revealed, I'll have you drowned in cod-liver oil!
Prudi: You're mad! My friends will be looking for me!
Meanwhile, Ioannis is guzzling ale in an inn.
Caption: Uhm, well...
Tapper: What are we waiting for? It's been hours!
Ioannes: Patience, my friend! We have to wait for... um, darkness!
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Song by Daniel for this scene, from the musical The Double (vocals by Danielle Westerhof):