Comic 57 - Let Santa enjoy his bath in peace

Posted on 26th Nov 2015, 4:54 PM in Christmas at Blocksberg
Let Santa enjoy his bath in peace
Santa Claus emerges in Alcydia's boudoir obviously feeling a lot happier than he had in a while. Alcydia on the other hand is not happy.
Santa Claus: Ho ho! You've all been good!
Alcydia: Er... perhaps you would like to relax with a hot bath after your strenuous journey?
Santa Claus: An excellent idea!
Santa Claus sits in his bath, surrounded by witches attending to his every need, as well as some bath toys.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho!
Alcydia: Shoo! All of you! Let Santa enjoy his bath in peace!
The comely maidens all leave.
Santa Claus: But will I have to get dressed all by ourselves?
Alcydia: Pssst!
Alcydia comes in bearing a weight labeled 100 KG
Santa Claus: Alcydia?
Alcydia: Here, take this!
Santa Claus sinks under the weight of the weight.
Santa Claus: But... what?
Alcydia: Just hear those sleigh-bells ringing and santa Sinking...
Santa Claus: Blub...
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