Comic 56 - Curses! Foiled!

Posted on 25th Nov 2015, 3:01 PM in Christmas at Blocksberg
Curses! Foiled!
Santa: Uhrm... could I trouble you for some seltzer? Burp
Alcydia prepares a toxic brew for Santa Claus.
Alcydia: It will be my PLEASURE!
Alcydia offers the poison to Santa Claus.
Alcydia: Here, you are!
Alcydia (thinks): Yes! Yes! Drink, fool!
Voices sound from off-panel.
Voice 1: Wait!
Voice 2: Santa!
Santa Claus is mobbed by witches. The bottle of poison drops from his hand.
Witch 1: Oh Santa!
Witch 2: I've been a good girl all year!
Witch 3: I'm your biggest fan!
Witch 4: Eee!
Witch 5: Let me handle your sack, Santa!
Santa has a witch on his lap while the others still surround him.
Witch 6: ...And I'd like a Barbie, and a My Little Pony, and maybe a real pony or two....
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