Comic 49 - The wild hunt

Posted on 18th Nov 2015, 3:56 PM in Christmas at Blocksberg
The wild hunt
The Queen and her retinue are flying above the overcity on giant horses.
Caption: Just before Christmas, when the days are darkest and the nights longest, the powers of darkness are let loose. The OSKEREIA makes the roads unsafe for lonely travelers!
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 18th Nov 2015, 3:56 PM edit delete
Christmas at Blocksberg has started! This was the second story Geir and Daniel made, and they offered it to the zine Impuls I was editing at the time (mid-1990s). I ran it as a special feature inside the zine.


Geir Strøm 20th Dec 2015, 10:20 AM edit delete reply
Here's the inspiration for the front page: . But Peter Nikolai Arbo's national romantic rendition of "Åsgardsreiden" with Norse gods and valkyries is not what our little Christmas tale is about. Th Witch Queen is rather more at home in the rowdier "Oskereia" or "Julereia" from Norwegian folklore. Nils Bergslien caught that more folksy incarnation of the wild hunt perfectly HERE:
Geir Strøm 20th Dec 2015, 10:31 AM edit delete reply
(I should add that the comic predates all those handy Wikipedia articles and online artwork by several years. We actually had to refer to paper books!)