Comic 43 - Old acquaintances reunited

Posted on 12th Nov 2015, 3:30 PM in The Double
Old acquaintances reunited
Ioannes: Alcydia?
Alcydia: Ioannes? How dare you come back?
Ioannes: Me? Dare? Who was it sold me chained and helpless to the Cannibal Queen's harem?
Alcydia: Ha! "Helpless"! You enjoyed every minute!
Ioannes: Absolutely not! The food was terrible! And you, running off from Mordor with that leather-clad balrog!
Alcydia: You deserved it! Don't think I never noticed you drooling over that blonde succubus back in Nehwon!
Ioannes: She was a necromantic experiment! But you! Hanging out all night with that oversexed Northern barbarian!
Alcydia: You're so cruel! Sniff! Fahfrd was tender! He understood me!
Ioannes: "Tender"! Snort! And Alcydia, our place looked like a pigsty!
Alcydia: Don't give me that! It was your turn to do the dishes!
Ioannes: Oh no, it wasn't! You do the dishes, I make gold! That was the deal ever since we shared lodgings in Gormenghast!
Alcydia: Selective memory... And you make gold? Even Merlin couldn't knock any arcane knowledge into your thick skull!
Alcydia: Look who's talking! I got a royal beating because you turned Uther Pendragon into a toad...
Ioannes: Er... do the two of you know each other?
Fieffelfalsfaffel: A fascinating instrument, Countess! Do you come to work out here often?
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The Helper, an instrumental by Daniel from the musical The Double, based on this scene: