Comic 4 - Ioannes' priorities

Posted on 4th Oct 2015, 12:57 PM in The Double
Ioannes' priorities
Ioannes: Oh, one of Lord Wadtight's stablehands...
Tapper: Third Kitchenboy Assistant, thanks!
Ioannes: A servant is a servant is a servant. What do you want, servant?
Tapper: Please listen to me! Prudence has disappeared!
Ioannes: Prudence? The scullery maid?
Tapper: Chambermaid apprentice! Abducted to a fate worse than death by masked ruffians!
Ioannes: Good for them!
Tapper: You must help me! Your alchemical skills-
Ioannes: -don't come cheap!
Tapper: I can pay!
Ioannes: Suuuure!
Tapper: I- I know where Prudence hides her life savings! Five gold crowns!
Ioannes; Deal! Bottoms up, my friend!
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