Comic 380 - In the bath

Posted on 17th Jul 2019, 9:34 AM in Chaos
In the bath
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel gets up, tapping Zilch, the skeletal God of Physiotherapy and Grim Reaper, gently on the shoulder. The waitress approaches him.
Baron: Don't worry! I'm an expert on mysteries!
Waitress: Sir…

Panel 2:
Zilch finishes his drink as the waitress hands the Baron his change.
Waitress: Your change, Sir.

Panel 3:
Zilch and the waitress watch the Baron leave. The waitress is the woman who had the pram earlier in the story.

Panel 4:
Zilch and the waitress follow the Baron home to his castle.

Panel 5:
The Baron is in his castle, and Zilch and the waitress have made their way in. They are spying on him through an open, arched doorway. There is a comfy chair in the foreground. The Baron is calling towards his wife, the Countess Alcydia von Dönnerwetter, who answers him from upstairs.
Baron: Alcydia!
Alcydia: I'm in the bath, love!

Panel 6:
The Baron has sat down in his comfy chair and is reading a magazine. Behind him, seen through the arched doorway, Zilch and the waitress are sneaking up the stairs.

Panel 7:
Zilch and the waitress continue to sneak up the stairs. They are about to reach the landing. There's a large green curtain in the foreground.

Panel 8:
Behind the curtain, Alcydia, in a swimsuit, is jumping off a diveboard. Zilch and the waitress have Alcydia in their line of sight.
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