Comic 38 - The Prudence Elixir

Posted on 7th Nov 2015, 3:00 PM in The Double
The Prudence Elixir
Alcydia cracks her fingers.
Alcydia: It is time! I shall switch identities! BRING THE PRUDENCE ELIXIR!
A wolfman pulls a bottle off a shelf. His tail swishes near Prudi's face as he does so.
Alcydia: We shall let the Baron find "Alcydia"'s mangled body while I make my escape!
Prudi bites the wolfman's tail.
Alcydia: Careful! Don't-
Wolfman: Whiiiiine!
Alcydia: -drop it!
The wolfman sends the open bottle flying through the air. The elixir effects everyone in a room: Alcydia and the wolfmen are all Prudi-fied.
Wolfman 1: How humiliating!
Wolfman 2: I'm so embarrassed!
Prudi: Heh heh!
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