Comic 371 - Hangdog

Posted on 26th Jun 2019, 9:38 AM in Chaos
Panel 1:
In the deep rut that Queen Elspeth has dug into the floor of her throne room by pacing through the room, Queen Elspeth is using her crystal ball to communicate with the wolfmen guards that had been pursuing Alcydia von Dönnerwetter into the Realm of Chaos. The wolfmen look ashamed, hanging their heads and arms. A camel is in view showing the same demeanor.
Elspeth: Lost in Chaos, are you? The countess Alcydia has escaped? Is that what you are saying? Useless furbrains!

Panel 2:
Elspeth: You may dismiss yourselves! Dismiss the ridiculous camels too!

Panel 3:
A wolfman speaks up with a suggestion. The Queen, with her back turned, is unresponsive to it, stewing in her anger.
Wolfman 1: Your highness, does that mean we can take some time off?
Elspeth: And leave your Queen defenseless? Whatever!

Panel 4:
Incongruously, the Queen paces through her rut in a winding pattern that does not fit the shape of the rut. She is deep in thought.
Elspeth (thinks): A peanut is not a nut. A banana is not a fruit, not by any stretch of the imagination… Come to think of it, what IS diplomacy, actualy?
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