Comic 370 - Alcydia escapes her pursuers

Posted on 24th Jun 2019, 10:00 AM in Chaos
Alcydia escapes her pursuers
No dialog throughout.

Panel 1:
Queen Elspeth's wolfmen, ounted on camels, have followed the Countess Alcydia von Dönnerwetter on her Shadowfox to the place where Chaos starts. The Shadowfox is flying into the Chaos, wile the wolfmen are stuck on top of the rock.

Panel 2:
The wolfmen on their camels are now also flying through the chaos. In the background, Spitfires fly.

Panel 3:
Alcydia, still on her Shadowfox, enters the Gates of Time, pursued by a camel.

Panel 4:
The Gates of Time close behind Alcydia, startling the camels and their riders.
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