Comic 37 - Maid-shredder and intruder alert

Posted on 6th Nov 2015, 3:53 PM in The Double
Maid-shredder and intruder alert
Prudi is still strapped to the table. A fiendish contraption with teeth is about to start munching on her feet.

Alcydia: Voila! My trusty old maid-shredder advances at a speed of 5,32 cm per minute...
Prudi: Eeeek!
Alcydia: ...which means that things will become mighty interesting in about two minutes and...WHAT?
Wolfman: Intruder alert, oh cruelest mistress! Someone is coming through the secret passage from your boudoir!
The wolfman peeks through a periscope.
Wolfman: I see the intruder... it's the renowned Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel!
Prudi and Alcydia, in unison: OH NO!
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