Comic 366 - T-Rex wants dessert.

Posted on 14th Jun 2019, 9:50 AM in Chaos
T-Rex wants dessert.
Panel 1:
In the darkened rut that Queen Elspeth has dug for herself by pacing through her room earlier in the story, the Queen and the Countess Alcydia von Dönnerwetter are looking into a crystal ball. It shows the Tyrannosaurus Rex killing the Stegosaurus.
Alcydia: Ghastly! Brutal!
Elspeth: That's life.

Panel 2:
In the crystal ball, the T-rex is about to attack the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel and the Mummy Squad Leader.
Elspeth: And death, I suppos. Look! T-Rex wants dessert!

Panel 3:
A larger crystal-ball-view of the scene. The Baron, the Mummy Squad Leader and the members of the Mummy Squad are fleeing the T-rex.

Panel 4:
The T-rex is awefully close!

Panel 5:
The Baron and the Mummy Squad hide behind a convenient rock wall. A sign in the foreground reads: Jurassic, Utter Chaos, Tertiary.

Panel 6:
Behind the rock wall, the Baron and the Mummy Squad Leader catch their breath. The Mummy Squad Leader points at something outside the panel.
Baron: That was cose!
Mummy Squad Leader: This is close, Sir!

Panel 7:
In front of the Baron and the Mummy Squad, a group of cavemen are fighting with spears.

Panel 8:
Baron: Such crude weapons! I wonder what they are fighting over?
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