Comic 365 - The beginning of time

Posted on 12th Jun 2019, 9:41 AM in Chaos
The beginning of time
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel and the leader and members of the mummy squad fall out of the space-time vortex through a hole in a rock face.

Panel 2:
The Baron surveys his surroundings. The group are in a primordial jungle, with tall mountains in the distance.
Baron: God's macaroni! So this is…

Panel 3:
The Baron walks through the forest, grabbing a liana.
Mummy Squad Leader: The beginning of time, Sir.

Panel 4:
The Baron and the Mummy Squad Leader look on as a giant scorpion attacks a giant locust. Overhead, pterodactyls fly.

Panel 5:
The Baron looks away and the entire group walks on as in the background, the giant scorpion kills the giant locust and the pterodactyls fight.

Panel 6:
The Baron and the leader and members of the Mummy Squad look at a Tyrannosaurus Rex about to attack a stegosaurus.

Panel 7:
The T-Rex goes in for the kill. The Baron turns away.
Baron: Ouch! Horrifying stuff!
Mummy Squad Leader: That's life, Sir.
Mumm Squad Member 1: That's death, Sir.
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