Comic 355 - The Baron is at a loss

Posted on 20th May 2019, 9:19 AM in Chaos
The Baron is at a loss
Panel 1:
With the chaotic yellow-green sky behind them, the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel and his Mummy Squad confer.
The Baron is scratching his head, at a loss as to what to do next.
Baron: But how can I put an end to war? Where do I begin?

Panel 2:
Mummy Squad Leader: Begin? What do you mean, Sir?

Panel 3:
The Baron looks aghast. In the distance, an airplane flies overhead.
Mummy Squad Leader:
Chaos has no beginning, Sir!

Panel 4:
Mummy Squad Leader: Chaos has no ending either, but that's hardly relevant, Sir.

Panel 5:
The Baron pushes his Squad members away. He's had enough.
Baron: Give me a break!

Panel 6:
Close-up of the Baron's face, which has turned beet red. He is angry.
Baron: Surely the war must have started somewhere!

Panel 7:
Wide. The rock on which the Baron and the Mummy Squad stand is shown from a great distance in the center. Around it, Spitfires fly, a tank shoots at an unknown target, and US Civil War soldiers with submachine guns fire at another unseen target. A Greek Hoplite is springing into action. The sky behind all of this is still green-yellow and squiggly.
Mummy Squad Leader: Of course, Sir! The War began in a state of Chaos!
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