Comic 352 - Things move quickly from there

Posted on 13th May 2019, 8:49 AM in Chaos
Things move quickly from there
Panel 1:
Queen Elspeth is talking to the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel. The Queen is still standing in her furrow. The Baron is standing outside the furrow, looming over him.
Caption: An hour later…
Baron: War, your Highness?

Panel 2:
The Queen issues her commands, insulting the Baron while doing so. The Baron appears not to notice the insults.
Queen: Exactly, o retarded Baron. In want of a better man, I order you to put an end to it!
Baron: I… I will do my best, o Queen.

Panel 3:
The Baron walks out of the throne room, nonplussed.
Baron (thinks): But how?

Panel 4:
The Baron is in conversation with the Countess Alcydia von Dönnerwetter.
Alcydia: War? That's a tricky one. For a start, I would have summoned the mummy squad.

Panel 5:
The Baron is in a forest with members of the mummy squad. The mummy squad consists of mummified ghostly wolfmen, including one with a tall hat who is the squad's leader. The baron is climbing rocks to get to the company's destination.
Baron: For what? This is pure chaos!
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