Comic 35 - Expendable

Posted on 4th Nov 2015, 3:06 PM in The Double
Queen Elspeth: The traitor Alcydia possesses magical powers that hide her even from our all-seeing eye. But you, faithful subjects, will find her for me. This little man will lead you to the maid Prudence. Find Prudence, and you will find Alcydia.
Tapper: But Mrs er... Mrs Majesty, what are we to do once we find this witch?
Queen Elspeth: Never you worry. My secret police will be hot on your tails. And if worst comes to worst, well, you're quite expendable!
Ioannes: I am not expendable!
Queen Elspeth: Oh, well, some of my guards will be quite happy to put that to the test, I'm sure!
Following the homunculus, Ioannes and Tapper run out of the Queen's quarters. In a field, the executioners are still burying the remains of their victims.
Executioner: ...So the Barbarian said, "That's no Cimmerian, that's my wife!"
Ioannes: Grmm... "expendable"!
Tapper: Hurry!
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