Comic 344 - There's a new chef in town

Posted on 13th Mar 2019, 8:10 AM in Castle of the Gods
There's a new chef in town
Panel 1:
The Gods Hercules, Oceania, Diana and Bistro walk through the gates of the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel's castle. An unseen speaker greats them in flowery tones.
Zilch (off-panel): Welcome, o fellow gods!

Panel 2:
Hercules, Oceania, Diana and Bistro are startled to see the skeletal god Zilch welcoming them! He is wearing a chef's hat and apron and his hands are resting on his hips. He is looking pleased with himself.
Hercules, Oceania, Diana, Bistro: ZILCH!

Panel 3:
Zilch: Precisely! As you must have guessed, I am the new chef!

Panel 4:
Zilch: I am proud to present today's dinner menu: oatmeal porridge à la Zilch! Sliced carrots for dessert!

Panel 5:
The other gods look offended as Zilch keeps talking.
Zilch: Dinner is followed by a mandatory five-hour training program!
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