Comic 336 - Fraud! Oh dear.

Posted on 22nd Feb 2019, 8:45 AM in Castle of the Gods
Fraud! Oh dear.
Panel 1:
Countess Alcydia von Donnerwetter continues in her prosecutor role.
Alcydia: That said, the Goddess should be allowed to shoot wolfmen in their natural habitat during the hunting season.

Panel 2:
Alcydia sits down at the judge's bench again and waves her gavel around.
Alcydia: Objections noted, without any significance for the verdict. We move on to the next case.

Panel 3:
Alcydia: A fraud has surfaced during the recent investigation!

Panel 4:
Alcydia speaks to the two artists/food connoisseurs from off-pane.
Alcydia (off-panel): The 'Michelin Guide food tasters' are not what they pretend to be!

Panel 5:
Enter the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel.
Alcydia: I address a member of the people's jury. Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel, are these scoundrels actually artists?
Baron: That is correct, Your Honour.

Panel 6:
Baron: Moreso, they are artists devoid of talent!

Panel 7:
Alcydia: Considering the suspects' poor artistic abilities, I condemn them to carry out the task of writing the Baron's memoirs!

Panel 8:
Alcydia bangs her gavel.
Alcydia: I hereby declare the trial concluded!
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