Comic 333 - Line-up

Posted on 15th Feb 2019, 8:41 AM in Castle of the Gods
Panel 1:
The Countess Alcydia von Donnerwetter has assembled the gods Hercules, Oceania, Diana and Bistro, and the two artists, into a line-up. The wolfmen and the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel are looking at the line-up.
Alcydia: …Starting with a confrontation between victims and suspects!

Panel 2:
Alcydia talks to the head wolfman.
Alcydia: I ask you, Mr. B.O. Wolf - Who launched the arrows against you and your colleagues?

Panel 3:
The head wolfman points at suspect no. 3: Diana.
B.O. Wolf: That will be number three, Diana the Goddess, O Mistress!

Panel 4:
Alcydia: Noted. Now it is the case of the water surrounding the castle. The moat has expanded to a fully functioning lake. Whose fault?

Panel 5:
The Baron points at suspect #. 2, Oceania.
Baron: I say suspect number two, Oceania the goddess.

Panel 6:
Alcydia surveys the line-up again.
Alcydia: We can move on to the main issue, being the castle's general decay. Rubbish, a shortage of supplies, poor maintenance. Would you please point out the guilty suspects?
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