Comic 332 - Countess Alcydia takes charge.

Posted on 13th Feb 2019, 8:43 AM in Castle of the Gods
Countess Alcydia takes charge.
Panel 1:
The speaker from the previous panel is none other than the Countess Alcydia von Dönnerwetter. She does not look too pleased. The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel is still carrying his suitcase.
Baron: Alcydia! I was just about to visit Uncle Tankbarth.

Panel 2:
Alcydia: You're going nowhere!

Panel 3:
The Baron and Alcydia are walking back into the castle.
Alcydia: The castle looks a mess! The kitchen is a pigsty with bones and all kinds of rubbish!

Panel 4:
Alcydia: Dishes are piling up! Provisions are running out! We are short of food!

Panel 5:
Alcydia: And where to get fresh supplies? We are surrounded by a bleeding lake!

Panel 6:
A wolfman walks by, arrows sticking out of him at all angled.
Alcydia: The wolf servants look like nervous wrecks! They look like furry pincushions!

Panel 7:
Gods Hercules, Oceania, Diana and Bistro in the foreground, along with the two artists.
Alcydia: The place is swarming with idle gods and useless artists!

Panel 8:
Alcydia: I will put an end to the misery right away! I will arrange a trial!
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