Comic 331 - Remember the kippers!

Posted on 11th Feb 2019, 8:37 AM in Castle of the Gods
Remember the kippers!
Panel 1:
The Goddess Oceania, a mostly-nude woman with a fish on her head, puts in her breakfast order. The goddess Diana, a clothed woman with a raccoon-skin hat, follows suit.
Oceania: Remember the kippers!
Diana: Fried eggs and bacon for me!

Panel 2:
The god Hercules, a burly bearded man in animal skins, puts in his breakfast order. The goddess Bistro, a woman dressed as a maid, and the two beret-wearing artists follow suit.
Hercules: I'd like pancakes today, o chef!
Bistro: Pancakes for me, too!
Artist 1: We'll have a full English breakfast!

Panel 3:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel, dressed in a chef's hat, turns away from the dining table.
Baron: Your orders will be served in a few minutes, oh Gods and …uh… guides!
Baron (thinks): I need a break!

Panel 4:
The Baron, now in a beret and smock, walks into his painting room where a canvas on an easel awaits him.
There are a few pin-ups on the wall showing nude women in suggestive poses.

Panel 5:
The Baron starts painting, but is interrupted by the voice of one of the Artists from off-panel.
Artist 2: I could do with some more Yellow Ochre, oh Baron!

Panel 6:
The Baron turns around and sees the Artists. They are painting jointly on a canvas that shows a nude woman spreading her legs.
Baron: The Michelin Guide food tasters!
Artist 1: I'm short of Burnt Sienna too!

Panel 7:
The Baron fumes to himself.
Baron (thinks): I've had enough! I need a holiday!

Panel 8:
The Baron, with a suitcase packed, looks out of the gate of his castle, seeing a giant body of water in front o it all the way to the horizon. A voice from off-panel speaks directly to him.
Baron (thinks): Darn! I forgot about the ocean!
Voice (off-panel): Where are you going?
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