Comic 330 - Plates and arrows, everywhere.

Posted on 8th Feb 2019, 7:26 AM in Castle of the Gods
Plates and arrows, everywhere.
Panel 1:
Back in the real world, the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel is actually buried under a mountain of dirty dishes. Off-panel, a wolfman answers him.
Baron: Am I awake?
Wolfman (off-panel): Yes, sir.

Panel 2:
Baron: Is this a nightmare come true? Where am I?
Wolfman (off-panel): Yes, sir. In your kitchen, sir.

Panel 3:
The Baron has got up from under the dishes and talks to the wolfman, who has arrows sticking out of him.
Baron: Right. And why didn't you do the dishes?
Wolfman: Because… er… er… because…

Panel 4:
Baron: And what about the arrows?
Wolfman: It's like this, sir…

Panel 5:
Wolfman: Diana the goddess is hunting us all day long. I had to hide under the dishes, Sir.

Panel 6:
Enter Diana.
Wolfman: Oh, there she is. I must be off, sir.

Panel 7:
The wolfman runs off, pursued by Diana. Off-panel, the Gods call to the Baron.
God 1 (off-panel): Chef!
God 2 (off-panel): Breakfast, please!
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