Comic 33 - Welcome to my little hobbyroom

Posted on 2nd Nov 2015, 3:42 PM in The Double
Welcome to my little hobbyroom
Alcydia and two of her wolf-men lead Prudi down a catacomb into her dungeon.
Alcydia: Welcome to my little hobbyroom.
The wolfmen strap Prudi to a table. Alcydia has changed into a BDSM outfit.
Alcydia: We'll be waiting here for some hours. See to it that our guest is uncomfortable, boys!
Prudi: Alcydia, you're sick!
Alcydia: It's all the rage, dear!
Prudi: That outfit is horrible!
Alcydia: Thanks!
Prudi: Decadent!
Alcydia: You're too kind!
Prudi: Perverted!
Alcydia: Flatterer!
Prudi: How much?
Alcydia: 29.50 at H&M.
Prudi: Why are you doing this to me? I'm but a pawn in your game!
Alcydia: Insolent girl! You nearly wrecked a perfect plan by surviving the murder attempts! Now we'll teach you how to die properly!
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