Comic 328 - Actually an actress

Posted on 4th Feb 2019, 7:55 AM in Castle of the Gods
Actually an actress
Panel 1:
The Baron Von Fieffelfalsfaffel talks to the Goddess Bistro, who is dressed as a maid.
Baron: Regrettably, the Big Mac was a mistake. Your service in the kitchen department is no longer needed, o Goddess…

Panel 2:
Bistro: No problem, o Baron. In truth, I am actually an actress.

Panel 3:
Enter Hercules.
Bistro: But I'd like to stay a while. Your cuisine is rumored to be first class.
Hercules: Chef! Next course!

Panel 4:
The Baron is back in the kitchen, cooking.

Panel 5:
The Baron serves up his latest creation, and spots two new faces at the dining table.
Baron: Cocq Au Vin, o gods, and…?

Panel 6:
The Baron addresses the new faces, who are the artists from earlier.
Baron: Haven't I seen you before? For sure you are artists and shouldn't be here.

Panel 7:
The artists attempt to explain themselves.
Artist 1: On the contrary, o Baron! We are taste connoisseurs.

Panel 8:
The artist continues. The Baron gives him the eye.
Artist 1: Observers on assignment for the Michelin guide. Your kitchen is likely to receive a top score!
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