Comic 326 - Domestic assistant

Posted on 30th Jan 2019, 9:00 AM in Castle of the Gods
Domestic assistant
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel is already getting fed up with cooking for the Gods. In the background, the Gods Hercules, Diana and Oceania are eating.
Baron (thinks): Those Gods eat like hellhounds.

Panel 2:
The Baron stares at a stack of dirty dishes. A lightbulb goes off over his head.
Baron (thinks): Dirty dishes piling up. Expenses likewise.

Panel 3:
The Baron is in painter garb again, painting on a canvas.
Baron (thinks): I need an assistant…

Panel 4:
The Baron continues painting.
Baron (thinks): …in the domestic department.

Panel 5:
The painting is taking form. It looks like a maid or a fast-food waitress.
Baron (thinks): Some efficient and agreeable god.

Panel 6:
The new goddess jumps out of the painting.
Bistro: Bistro at your service, O Baron!

Panel 7:
Baron: Enchanté, my goddess! Correct me, but you are not listed in the old myths.

Panel 8:
Bistro: That's right, Sir! I am a modern deity.
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