Comic 325 - Make the Baron Great Again!

Posted on 28th Jan 2019, 9:04 AM in Castle of the Gods
Make the Baron Great Again!
Panel 1:
Hercules gleefully points at the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel.
Hercules: …GREAT AGAIN!

Panel 2:
Hercules: As you pointed out, we Gods do have quite an appetite, to such an extent that we need a Master Chef.

Panel 3:
Hercules: Someone to cook and serve heavenly orders three times a day.

Panel 4:
Hercules is getting really into the motivational schtick.
Hercules: You can be that chef! Get the oven ready! Cut the veggies and select the herbs. Slice the roast! Pronto!

Panel 5:
Wearing a chef's hat and Apron, the Baron sits on a chair in the kitchen reading one of a stack of cookbooks he has on his desk.

Panel 6:
The Baron selects a number of ingredients and gets to work.

Panel 7:
The Baron is cooking a dish in a very large pot.

Panel 8:
The Baron adds salt to his brew.
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