Comic 324 - Utterly disillusioned

Posted on 25th Jan 2019, 8:56 AM in Castle of the Gods
Utterly disillusioned
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel sits dejectedly in his comfy chair. To his side, the wall is filled with a large painting showing several nude women.
Baron (thinks): I am discontented with the situation. I am utterly disillusioned.

Panel 2:
Different angle of the same scene. Behind the Baron, a large painting fills the wall. The painting shows people having sex.
Baron (thinks): Devoid of happyness. Deprived of Alcydia's company. I am totally diminished and dead lost

Panel 3:
Enter Hercules.
Hercules: A Euro for your thoughts, O Baron?

Panel 4:
Baron: I feel depressed!
Hercules: Don't be!

Panel 5:
Hercules: Look at me!

Panel 6:
Hercules: What do you see?
Baron: Strength and power.

Panel 7:
Hercules: That's correct. Anything else?
Baron: Appetite?
Hercules: Exactly! I want you to be…
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