Comic 321 - Hell hath no fury

Posted on 18th Jan 2019, 8:37 AM in Castle of the Gods
Hell hath no fury
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel directly speaks to the recently-come-to-life God Hercules.
Baron: My God! I am having problems with the goddesses Oceania and Diana!

Panel 2:
Baron: Oceania has turned the castle moat into a lake, and Diana is hunting my wolf servants!

Panel 3:
Baron: I need your help. With your Herculean strength you can put the vicious women right!

Panel 4:
Hercules: Are you crazy? This task sounds far too dangerous!

Panel 5:
Baron: Where's the old fighting spirit? After all, you strangled the Nemean Lion!

Panel 6:
Baron: You battled the Lerneic Hydra snake and the Erymantic boar. Surely this is not too much of a task?

Panel 7:
Hercules: Like I said, my answer is no! Hell hath no fury. I say no more.
Baron: Say no more…

Panel 8:
Hercules: But I can help you out in another matter. Pray, where is the kitchen?
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