Comic 320 - At Your Service

Posted on 16th Jan 2019, 9:00 AM in Castle of the Gods
At Your Service
Panel 1:
While the goddess Artemis chases the Wolfmen away with her bow and arrow, the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel admonishes the goddess Oceania while Countess Alcydia looks on.
Baron: My Goddess! Would you please reduce the amount of water? I want my castle moat back, not this artificial lake!

Panel 2:
Oceania: So sorry, but that is not within my powers.

Panel 3:
Oceania: You have to talk with the boss!

Panel 4:
Baron: The boss? What did she mean?

Panel 5:
The Baron starts a new painting. It is a large canvas and the contours of a strong, powerfully-built man can be glimpsed.

Panel 6:
The Baron completes his painting. It now clearly shows a powerfully-built, bearded man in animal skins with a club. There's a lion behind the man.

Panel 7:
The man steps out of the painting.
Hercules: Hercules, at your service!
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