Comic 32 - Your magical majesty, we are so honored!

Posted on 1st Nov 2015, 6:10 PM in The Double
Your magical majesty, we are so honored!
Ioannes: Your magical majesty! We are honored!
Tapper: Mrs. Majesty, allow me, that is, if I may... a napkin... I mean a kidnap...
Queen Elspeth: Oh, we know all about the maid Prudence! Investigating your appearance in the Undercity, our secret police uncovered a criminal plot!
Dupond: A certain Prudence, maid, has entered the Undercity. She is said to resemble the scheming countess von Dönnerwetter, who is suspected of treason. The connection is evident!
Dupont: It's evidence of a connection!
Queen Elspeth: The countess' accomplices have confessed!
Ioannes: Shocking! Where are those scoundrels now?
Queen Elspeth points at a line of executioners coming in from the side. Each executioner is carrying a small, blood-covered box.
Queen Elspeth: There!
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