Comic 319 - Shot looks like ass, still hits target

Posted on 14th Jan 2019, 9:17 AM in Castle of the Gods
Shot looks like ass, still hits target
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel is unnecessarily startled to see the Goddess Artemis having come alive from the painting.
Baron: My Goddess! You left the painting too?
Artemis: Painting? What painting?

Panel 2:
Baron: Oh nevermind. But maybe you can help us?
Artemis: Sure.

Panel 3:
The Baron, Countess Alcydia von Fieffelfalsfaffel and Artemis stand at the castle gate, looking out over the moat, which is now an ocean.
Oceania the goddess is performing some kind of ritual, causing the water to rise at frightening speed!

Panel 4:
The goddess Oceania stands atop a raft, holding up her fish. Three wolfmen kneel before her.

Penel 5:
The goddess Artemis tenses her bow as the Baron and Alcydia look on concerned.

Panel 6:
The goddess shoots. The aftermath of shooting looks clumsy, but the arrow flies.

Panel 7:
The arrow hits the raft. The raft breaks in two, throwing off Oceania and the wofmen.

Panel 8:
Oceania and the wolfmen, and the fish, wash ashore.
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