Comic 317 - Holy cow! Holy fish!

Posted on 9th Jan 2019, 8:54 AM in Castle of the Gods
Holy cow! Holy fish!
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel and Countess Alcydia are startled to see that the canvas is empty.
Baron: Holy cow! Did you erase Oceania?

Panel 2:
Alcydia: Don't blame me! Speaking of which…

Panel 3: Alcydia points at a nearly-nude woman holding a fish who is standing by the window, looking outside.
Alcydia: There she is!

Panel 4:
The Baron speaks sternly to the nearly-nude woman.
Baron: Madam, why have you left the painting?

Panel 5:
Oceania: That's none of your business. Show me the way to the ocean!

Panel 6:
Baron: There is no ocean in these parts. But you will find a moat surrounding the castle.

Panel 7:
Oceania walks off.
Oceania: Fine! That will do!

Panel 8:
The Baron and Alcydia are puzzled.
Baron: What was all that about?
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