Comic 303 - Antarctic expedition

Posted on 2nd Nov 2018, 8:35 AM in The Young Baron
Antarctic expedition
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel has reincarnated as a dog. He still has his giant quiff and pointed moustache.
Caption: The South Pole, 1911

Panel 2:
The Baron is one of a team of sled dogs on Roald Amundsen's Antarctic expedition.

Panel 3:
The sled, pulled by the dogs, goes forward at a considerable pace. Two people are in the sled.

Panel 4:
Olav Bjaaland voices a concen towards Roald Amundsen.
Bjaaland: Provisions are low, Sir.
Amundsen: Is that so?

Panel 5:
The sled slides towards the horizon.
Bjaaland: We are running out of pemmican.

Panel 6:
Amundsen: Too bad. Well, we gotta survive. You know what we have to do.
Bjaaland: Yes, Sir!

Panel 7:
Bjaaland shoots one of the dogs - Dog-Baron.
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